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We make films with a slightly skewed perspective...
                             We do this because our perspective is slightly askew.

New York City, October 1996
Kent Hatch resists the overwhelming temptation to say "F*ck this sh*t" to an audition for the NYU student film BEER GOGGLES which would later become an underground cult classic and change his life forever.  Kent is cast in the lead role and meets idiot savant T. Arthur Cottam for the first time.  Thus begins the journey of Misfit Films.

The journey continues with the help of other nameless, faceless misfit minions as they build Misfit Films into an indie film juggernaut.  They do this through their short film-slash-web series division Dirty Little Shorts which has garnered 10 awards and a rabid fan following of film festival freaks.  They do this through grassroots promotion and marketing of feature films such as CARBUNCLE and OBJECTS.  They do this through creative consultation and hands-on production through their work-for-hire division, Caught 'Em Productions.  They do this by being fiercely independent, creative, knowledgeable and hardworking... with a touch of insanity thrown in for good measure.  They do this using laser guns, hand grenades and hordes of bikini-clad zombie strippers.

We are the misfits of Misfit Films.  Join us.